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Kingsport Masonic Lodge

2317 Fort Henry Drive
Kingsport, TN 37663

2B1 ASK1


Kingsport Masonic Lodge
2016 Committees
TrusteesDavid Poor Chmn., John Cantrell, Phil Elam, Mike Morley and Tim Bradshaw
Welfare -, Dusty Parsons, Gary Coates, Mike Morley, Bill Craddock, John Crawford
Conduct – Tim Sutton Chmn., Brent Collier and Sammy Dennison
Scholarship - Phil Elam Chmn., Don Taylor, John Cantrell, Al Fields, Treasurer
Auditing –Ron Bedford Chmn., Bill Jones, Isaac Allman
House & Grounds – Tim Sutton  Chmn., Phillip G. Elam and  Eddie Hunt
BudgetBart Rowlett Chmn., John K. Crawford and Donald Clayman
Lecture - Tim Sutton Chmn, Al Fields and Dusty Parson or proficiency card holders
Inquisitorial – Tim Sutton Chmn., Brent Collier and Sammy Dennison
Publicity - Donald Clayman, John Crawford and Bart Rowlett
Demolay Advisor - Dusty Parson Chmn Bill Craddock Chmn. Emeritus., Tim Rhea
Sick & Visitation - Jay Herron Chmn., Al Fields, Don Taylor, Bill Craddock and John Johnson
Masonic Education & Special Instructions – John Cantrell Chmn., Tim Bradshaw and Jack Pippin
Christmas Cheer – Tim Sutton Chmn., Sammy Dennison, Les Simerly, Dylan Killen and Brent Collier
Special Awards – Jack Pippin Chmn., Gary Coates, Phillip G. Elam
Long Range Planning - Don Clayman Chmn., Dusty Parsons, Jay Herron,
Leveler Committee – John Crawford Chmn., Gary Coats and David Poore
Finance CommitteeJay Herron Chmn., Don Taylor Sec., Steven Arthur, Al Fields, John Cantrell
Mentoring Al Fields Chmn., Don Taylor, Don Clayman, Phil Elam and Bart Rowlett  
Activities – Mike Morley Chmn., Al Fields, John Cantrell, John Crawford and Issac Alman
Vision 2017/Centennial – Dusty Parsons Chmn., Don Clayman Bart Rowlett
Library/ Historical - Gary Coates Chmn., John Crawford, Marty Baker
School of Instruction John Cantrell Chmn., Dusty Parsons, Mike Morley
Red committees are elected
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